Poetry and Rants by DC McKenzie

With Love, to my April Fool

1 April 2k9

Happy Birthday to my best friend, Wingnut the Great

Wingnut the Great

Wingnut the Great

Many years ago, I was blessed to be found by the sweetest, most loving friend I’ve ever met. Sticking by me through good times and bad, either flush or flat, Wingnut never complains. He takes each day and has just as much fun as he can possibly have. And even though it’s true that dogs do get the blues, I’ve seen him shake it off like we change our shoes. He knows when I’m in pain and snuggles up to me so carefully that it breaks my heart and heals me all at once.

photo courtesy of DRB

photo courtesy of DRB

With Love and admiration, Happy Birthday to my only April Fool…and that’s no joke.

—end transmission—


One response

  1. brian duffy

    good dog!

    April at 5:08 am

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