Poetry and Rants by DC McKenzie


24 March 2k9

In Memorial~Prince William Sound 1989


I'd rather have a heart than be loyal
Never Forgive, Never Forget

poem for twenty years
I know it’s unlikely that before,
upon my life darkness falls,
that I will have gotten hold
of Exxon Corporation by the balls.
Still, if by some mighty miracle
this should ever be so
I’d close ’em down and,
tarred and feathered,
make ’em go
straight to the Hell
which they have
so richly earned.
And finally,
in their own stinking oil,
forever they would be burned.

~D.C. McKenzie

—end transmission—


One response

  1. brian duffy

    I suppose a “burn baby burn” would be appropriate here. Apparently they’ve forgotten this date in some Alaska school curricula. Thanks for the “rememberies”. Big L, b.

    March at 9:26 pm

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